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COVID-19 Video Blog: Safer Sex

Conversation with me, Dr. Ksera Dyette and my colleague Dr. Luana Bessa of Bela Luz Health, LLC.

Bela Luz Health, LLC is a behavioral health practice founded by Dr. Luana Bessa, a licensed Psychologist in the state of Massachusetts. Before founding this practice, Dr. Bessa worked as a staff clinician for a large group practice, where she also served as the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and helped develop and implement practice-wide policies. Dr. Bessa is passionate about providing excellent clinical and consultation services, which involves not only developing areas of expertise including mindfulness-based approaches, cultural competence, and trauma-informed care but also consistently engaging with new developments in the field and engaging with the psychological community. Dr. Bessa is an adjunct professor of Psychology, as well as a member of professional associations

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