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COVID-19: HeartMath, Conversations for These Trying Times (FREE content for ALL AGES)

Episode 1

Panel Discussion Featuring Dr. Rollin McCraty, Philip Merry, and Sarah Moor.

Hosted by Jennifer K. Hill

Around the world, people are collectively facing a difficult time, experiencing fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration that can seem overwhelming and inescapable. In our discussion, we will talk about the fear many are experiencing, share a useful technique for reducing stressful emotions that can help create a clearer perspective from which we can make better decisions. We'll also discuss how the pandemic has brought out the very best in people, and the opportunity this creates for more care and connectedness.


Episode 2

Panel Discussion Featuring: Jeff Goelitz (Director of Education at HeartMath Institute), Erika Landa (Psychotherapist), Shy-Quon Ely II (Ignite Achievement Academy), Jennifer Weldon (Assistant & Training Director at University Counseling Center, Jacksonville, FL) Hosted by Jennifer K. Hill (MetaBizics)

These are extraordinary times for families as they manage a household in this period of uncertainty. Most parents are struggling to balance finances, child care, homeschooling, and self-care while keeping worries — both your children’s and your own — under control. That can create an emotional burden on parents and their children. Hear firsthand from parenting experts about strategies and practices that will help you and your children better maintain emotional balance and heart-centered relationships.

Outline: • What do I say to kids asking about coronavirus? • Ways to Deal with Overwhelm and Anxiety • Practicing Heart-Based Activities and Techniques with Children • Activities That Strengthen the Family Connection


Episode 3

"Your Gratitude Matters: What Gives Caregivers Courage on the Front Lines of COVID19"

The COVID-19 crisis has driven our culture apart in many ways, from economic breakdown to social distancing. Some of us are isolated at home, with our families 24/7 for the first time ever, the internet being our only tether to the wider world. And some of us- especially hospital staff - are right in the trenches of this battle fighting on the front lines, quarantined from our families for their protection. Two completely different worlds in one. In this episode, we will bring those worlds together, by bringing caregivers on the front lines of COVID-19 into your home to hear the stories of how the power of the heart- and your gratitude- gives them the courage to keep fighting for people's lives and honor people's sacred deaths, at the risk of their own.


Episode 4

"We're in This Together: The Collective Experience of Trauma and Healing" Fear and uncertainty are potent activators of subconscious parts of the brain that create involuntary behaviors and body responses. These “fight or flight” or “faint or freeze” responses are deeply programmed to increase our survival under threat, however can continue to linger long after the threat has retreated. In this program, we will discuss how traumatic experiences can create separation, which manifests in our personal lives and in our communities. We will share techniques to calm the body system, to help prevent more prolonged trauma activation. Finally, we will discuss how care, compassion and reconnection with others is an integral part of our healing as individuals, and as a global unit.


Episode 5

"Conversations to Support First Responders & Their Families"

In this episode, our panel will talk about life as a first responder pre-COVID and how this has changed during this period. They will explore the biggest challenges and the physiological and emotional effects of being a responder, (911 call center dispatch, fire and rescue, and law enforcement) and offer some tips as to what responders can do to better maintain their mental, emotional and physical balance. Two HeartMath techniques will be shared.

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