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COVID-19 FREE Mental Health Resources: The HeartMath Experience

HearthMath is a company I became familiar with during my Biofeedback training. Like many mental health care professionals, they believe that stress and anxiety have a major impact on our health and well-being and that mind-health is inextricably linked with your body health. We cannot separate our minds from our bodies and the suffering in our mind is taken on by our heart and is linked to health consequences such as cardiovascular disease. Even when not doing Biofeedback formally, I utilize my training in sessions to help clients learn to regulate more effectively so they can access the challenging emotional content of their lives, to improve their overall well-being.

Earlier in the summer of 2020, HeartMath made its course The HeartMath Experience free to help people during these challenging times. IT IS STILL FREE. You can find it here:

Especially for folx having difficulties connecting with providers given the overwhelming demand, I highly recommend accessing this free course that has videos and PDF documents to guide you through your practice.

~Customizing Warmth~

Dr. Dyette

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