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COVID-19: Anniversary Reactions

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Here in Massachusetts (USA), we reached the one-year anniversary of our COVID-19 state-wide shutdown this week on March 10, 2021. It was not until a colleague reminded me on 03/10/21 during a meeting that it was one year, that I realized I had "suddenly" forgotten about it. At that moment, I reflected upon the fact that I had woken up that morning with such an unexpected feeling of anxiety, panic, and tightness in my chest and I thought, "I had been thinking about it for weeks. Why did I suddenly forget?" Then I remembered, Anniversary Reactions!

An increase in distress around the anniversary of a traumatic event is called an Anniversary Reaction. The thing about Anniversary Reactions is that it is not always a conscious process, like what happened to me. It can sneak up on our bodies in the form of unexplained agitation, impatience, panic, heart palpitations, and a global sense of impending doom. What is even more difficult is that the pandemic is not over yet and so "feeling better" may not happen right now. We are still dealing with this. We are reflecting on memories of times past, loved ones lost, and grappling with shifts in our identity. This is all normal.

If you desire extra support, below, I am recommending 3 of my favorite self-support resources for this month.

Liberate - mobile meditation app on iOS and Android that was designed to be a safe space for folx of color (BIPOC).

The HeartMath Experience - 9 chapters on moving from stress to renewal, videos in 12 different languages, downloadable PDFs with chapter summaries and technique reviews.

For Parents - the Australian parenting website with amazing articles, video tutorials, and more.

~Dr. Dyette~ To Where There is Warmth

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