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About Sex: a video series for teens about bodies, sex and relationships

Original article by Cathy Hakanson.

The content below is paraphrased/quoted directly from Cathy's article:

"...About Sex is a series of sex education videos from Canada for teens about bodies, sex and relationships...

The challenge though is in finding videos that are both entertaining but educational. The information also needs to be factually correct (and not based on urban myths).

These new sex-ed videos [are] from Canada, commissioned by CBC, Canada’s national public broadcaster, for its CBC Gem streaming platform. The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN) vetted the content and its relevance by reading the scripts and watching the rough cuts, and updated it as needed (current language or research)."

Cathy describes it as "a funny, surprising, informative, and uncensored series about teenagers and sex. It invites teens to take a funny and frank look at what’s going on in their head, their heart and between their legs as they navigate life and love as a young adult. Thirty-five episodes explore topics from consent to pornography addiction, through skits, expert advice and teen testimonials."

Cathy specifies the age ranges that the series is appropriate for in the article along with the series clips.

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Dr. Dyette

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